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Wellcome to Kizhi island!

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What to do on Kizhi Island in winter?

Modern restorers say: “These churches were built by giants!”

See the snow-covered domes
of the church built without nails

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The 22-domed Church of the Transfiguration is the pinnacle of Russian wooden architecture. No wonder the Kizhi pogost became one of the first three UNESCO monuments in Russia together with the Moscow Kremlin and the historic center of St. Petersburg. According to the legend, the church was built by master Nestor, who, upon completion, threw his axe in the lake and said: “There has never been one like it, and there will never be another”.

Visit an old farmhouse
and warm up by the stove

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Farmers of the Kizhi area were special people. The northern climate, the capricious Onega, and the absence of serfdom forged a character that combined loyalty to tradition and enterprise, severity and irony, firmness and willingness to help one's neighbor. Farmhouses designed for long winters amaze with their size, strength, clever detailing, variety and richness of decoration.

Taste a local
“kalitka” pie

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In the hospitable house of farmer Beryozkina, guests can taste traditional cuisine of the peoples of Karelia and, if they wish, they can learn how to cook dishes according to old recipes. Local pies called “sultchini”, “pryazhentsi”, and “keitinpiiraat” will appeal to guests from all continents. Some dishes can be enjoyed only on Kizhi Island.

Take a trip
by hovercraft

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Enjoy your trip across ice-covered Lake Onega, the second largest lake in Europe, by a comfortable hovercraft. The mirage-like domes of the Transfiguration Church, one of the most beautiful churches on earth, will welcome you in the end of your journey.

Feed Blue Tits
from your hand

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Enjoy the company of these feathered beauties! The most friendly and playful Blue Tits are waiting for you at the walls of the Kizhi pogost. Bring some cereals and seeds with you.

Get some
fresh air

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Enjoy unspoiled nature and the scent of freedom! The Kizhi air calms down and satiates. The island is beautiful in any weather!

Travel program

Get to know the monuments of wooden architecture and take part in theme programs to experience the unique atmosphere of the sacred island

  1. Travel excursion from Petrozavodsk

    Duration: from 1 hour 30 minutes to 4 hours 30 minutes (depending on the ice situation in Lake Onega)

    A hovercraft transfer to Kizhi is provided directly from Petrozavodsk (ice situation permitting). Until the lake freezes guests can get to the island via the Velikaya Guba settlement by bus with a visit to the largest shungite deposit and the unique healing spring “Tsaritsyn Klyuch”.

  2. Tour around the main attractions of Kizhi Island

    Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

    Excursion program includes a visit of the Kizhi Architectural Ensemble inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List and a walk around a Zaonezhie village. Guests will see the oldest wooden church in Russia and a farmstead and get acquainted with the everyday life of inhabitants of Zaonezhie.

  3. Theme programs with tea-drinking

    Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

    Guests will visit a farmer dwelling, taste aromatic tea from samovar and traditional dishes, and participate in one of the theme programs dedicated to the peasant way of life and crafts, ice fishing or festive events.

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Winter holidays on Kizhi Island

Excursion around the main attractions of the island, acquaintance with the Kizhi Architectural Ensemble, and visit of a farmstead is the part of the trip that always creates a special impression and is remembered for many years. We develop special theme programs for holidays to make your stay on the island even brighter and more exciting.

More ideas...

В новогодние праздники на остров Кижи

29-30.12.2021, 2-9.01.2022

Visiting Kizhi Island during the New Year holidays is a great start to the year. A special New Year's program is made in the best traditions of the Kizhi museum with the cordiality and hospitality of Zaonezhie people!



Bathe in the Kizhi consecrated ice hole on the day of Epiphany and become a member of a special excursion program.

Традиции подледного лова


Especially for men and not only! Demonstration of Zaonezhie winter fishing techniques guarantees excitement and vivid impressions!

... and more

Масленичные гуляния

01.03 – 06.03.2022

Lively tunes, playful games, round dances, and, of course, Kizhi pancakes are waiting for you on Kizhi Island in the Pancake Week.

Женские ремесла


A visit to Kizhi Island in early March will be a great gift for ladies and participation in a workshop on traditional female crafts will please all women.

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We are waiting for you

Marina Nozhenko

After a tour guided by Marina you will fall in love with Kizhi Island forever. "The best guide in Russia" according to the Russian Geographical Society. Marina will tell you many amazing stories and interesting details.

Anna Ankhimova

The chef of the Kizhi cuisine Anna will treat you to a healthy herbal tea with national pastries and teach you how to roll out the thinnest dough to make local pies called “kalitka” “sultchini”, “pryazhentsi”, and “keitinpiiraat”.

Natalia Mikhailova

You will sing and dance to the sounds of Zaonezhie melodies. Natalia will take you into the world of local music and tell a surprising story about Kizhi customs and rituals.

Marina Guseva

Needlework can become your favorite pastime after visiting Marina’s workshop, because every woman can create beauty and coziness.

Sergey Tanana

Next to Sergey, the master of blacksmithing, you will feel how his love for the work and the island of Kizhi makes the metal melt in his hands.

How to get to Kizhi Island

How to get to Kizhi Island →

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5 reasons to choose Kizhi

Visit a unique UNESCO site

You are welcome all year round

Feel the atmosphere of old time

Interesting for both children and adults

World Famous Site

Kizhi is a place of harmony and piece

This is a wonder worth seeing!

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